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Lost in Shadows

Embraced by Darkness

RavenBlack's Official Vampires Lj Community
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The official community of RavenBlack's Vampire game, owned and managed by Devil Miyu.

Community banner created by one of the community's valuable member: rhiannon_666


It is managed & maintained by:


This is the official LiveJournal community for RavenBlack's online game called "Vampires! The Dark Alleyway". To learn about how to post in this community please click here.

This community was created to provide a place for players to post about themselves in regards to RavenBlack's Vampire game. It is also a place where one could seek out others for information and other things related to the game and its creator, RavenBlack. This community does not hold RavenBlack responsible or liable for whatever goes on herein. Nor does it focus on making RavenBlack it's primary topic and target.

This community is also a place where one can contribute or gather information regarding quests, game items, guild and/or shop locations. However, the moderators within this community do have a right to, at their discretion, delete any posts that they consider inappropriate, unhelpful or posts that counts as spam.

By joining this community, it means that first and foremost, you agree to abide and adhere to Livejournal's Terms of Service. It also means that you understand and accept RavenBlack's Site Usage Agreement as well as the rules of this community.

There's just a few things that I ask of you:

• Please be respectful, considerate and courteous to one another in here. Insults, petty bickering and name-calling will not be tolerated. There are other places for that.

• Please use the lj-cut tag if you plan on posting anything that's lengthy.

• Please DO NOT use bold, large fonts when posting in this community. Not only is it just as bad as posting in all caps. It's considered rude and obnoxious. People can read the posts contained herein just fine without changing the text format.

• If you need assistance with over-crowded squares, quests, locating guilds and shops, questions about items and/or other game-players' characters, please follow proper procedures.

**For assistance with Charisma Quests**
Subject line should read:
Charisma (insert level here)/Your vampire name/ Location of Pub

Post how many vampires needed to complete your quest. Please update/edit your post if you have completed your quest or if there's been a change in the number of vampires needed.

For any other requests, please state your business, the location or name of item/shop/guild if necessary and please be brief about it.

• Please keep in mind that your membership to this community does not guarantee you any kind of status or notoriety in the game. Nor does it make you much more important than the next player.

• Your membership here can be altered or revoked at any time by the owner and/or moderator(s) of the community without probable cause or reason.

• The owner and moderators reserves the right to refuse community membership to anyone at any given time or revoke membership and posting access. Harrassing a moderator in this community results in automatic banning from the community.

• Keep in mind that it is a game. Any role-play aspect and/or conflicts as a result of role-play is NOT welcomed here.

This is an information only community. Keep clan matters and role-playing out of this community. There are other places for that sort of thing.

• Please do not use this community to entice or encourage its members to attack other game players.

• Please do not post any links to other websites, even though it has some relation to the vampire game. This community isn't a place to advertise or promote such things. Such posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately. Only links approved and posted by the owner and/or moderators shall be permitted.

• Any conflicts or disagreements with any of the moderators of this community should be addressed in private and taken up via email with the moderator in question and/or the owner of this community.

• If you disregard any of these rules, you will be penalised for it or possibly be banned from this community. Standard procedures:

1. First offense results in posting access being revoked and placed under 2 weeks probation. You will still be allowed to comment to any of the posts contained herein.

2. Second offense results in posting access being revoked and placed under 4 weeks probation. You will still be allowed to comment to any of the posts contained herein.

3. IF the offense is of a severe nature, or if you're a repeat offender, you will automatically be banned from this community.

Although these are standard procedures, the owner and moderators of the community does have a right to review such matters of offenses on a case by case basis and revise the penalties at their discretion or not to penalise at all.

**NOTICE**: Approvals for posting access to this community can done by any of the moderators. Should you need posting access, please contact either the owner or moderators of this community, except RavenBlack. Please INCLUDE YOUR LIVEJOURNAL USERNAME!! When you email us requesting posting access without including your lj-username we pretty much can't do anything about it other than glare at the computer screen and grumble something about the idiocy of the situation.

Main Principles of the Lost-in-Shadows Community

• Value and respect all members of this community.
• Focus on common interests and shared problems rather than conflicting positions.
• Share information openly and freely.
• Build trust and treat each other as equals.
• Give priority to sustaining the community spirit.

Biting is part of the game. Complaining about having been bitten by other vampires is moot and pointless.

Robbing is part of the game as well. Get yourself a map, or use an interactive map. Plan your moves well and BANK your coins as soon as possible.

Don't chase vampire hunters unless you have enough action points to kill it AND enough action points to bank your coins thereafter. Whining about how much blood you've lost as a result of going after a hunter only serves to irritate the others. Remember YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHASE AFTER IT!

• Keep in mind there are lots of vampires with on-going quests throughout the city. When someone draws a lot of blood and spits it in a wineskin, it's part of a quest called Suction. Don't take it personally and whine about it here.

• Also bear in mind that when you get a message like, "______ kneels on the ground, and gently tears open a wrist with a daggerlike fingernail. Blood flows forth, and half-seeps, half-crawls into the paved ground," it is part of a Locate quest, on which one must go to four points in the city and spend a little blood for the power.

READ THE QUICK LINKS SECTION FIRST! It can't be stressed enough that most questions can be answered by reading those entries first. When in doubt, ask someone here in the community. Someone will always be able to answer your questions.

CELERITY QUESTS and TRANSITS do not go hand-in-hand! You cannot use TRANSITS when on a celerity quest!!

Do not to rest in banks lest you risk being scrolled by others. If you were resting in a bank, don't take it personal if you got scrolled by others wishing to get into the bank.

Other than those things mentioned above, you can pretty much post anything in here that's game related. So sit back, relax, stay awhile and grace us with your presence. And remember...

"Bargain not with the Darkness: in time it will take us all."
- Proverbs, The Book of NOD


A few bits of information stored in here.
You might want to check in there and the Quick Links up above.

A lot of the most commonly asked questions in this community can be answered by looking in there first. However, most of the information contained therein can only be viewed by the members of this community. **You must be logged into livejournal and listed as a member to be able to view these entries.**

The Everlasting Vigil

Remembrance is a golden chain
Death tries to break, but all in vain.
To have, to love, and then to part
Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.
The years may wipe out many things
But some they wipe out never.
Like memories of those happy times
When we were all together.......

Nyx Thanatos
*Garth Bigelow
*Conrad Baldwin

You may leave a dedication/comment to honor those who have passed HERE.

**Even though this section is OOC,
the character names are listed instead of real names.
However, with a few exceptions, real names that are listed
have an asterisk before their name.

If you would like somebody's name to be added
to the list, please contact "Devil Miyu".

Please, let's work together to keep the atmosphere
of this vigil solemn and respectful.....**