Devil Miyu (devilmiyu) wrote in lost_in_shadows,
Devil Miyu

LiS Featured Vampire of the Week...

LiS Featured Vampire of the Week is sushimustwrite.

She says...

Statistics (accurate as of 3rd of March 2006):
Sushi has drunk 3088 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(2) Stamina(1) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(1) Telepathy(2) Charisma(3)
Sushi is sire to 65 other vampires, including: Dee (2014 pints), tvashtri (549 pints), Gabrylia (361 pints), Romuel (326 pints), Ice_Raven (298 pints), Ella_Adin (261 pints), genocidal (216 pints), Karde (209 pints), Mousie (136 pints), Tarja (127 pints)

[Where did I get all these childer?]
You are a master vampire, with no sire.

The vampire Sushi was lured into the shadows by a stranger two years ago. For the next year and a half, she wandered the city in a dazed and confused manner. One humid night she entered a tower, only never to return. The people in this tower explained all the secrets of the city to her, and aided her in her quests for power.

A bit of a loner, Sushi enjoys taking long walks alone in the city, feasting on the humans and building her bank account before completing the more expensive and physically painful quests. She doesn't know very many of her childer, but she wants to get to know them after becoming fully powered. She also wants to help them and other vampires, just as others have helped her.

Sushi's human slave is a college student studying mathematics and French. She enjoys frantic novel-writing, classical music, and trivia games.

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